Wednesday, January 2, 2008


I wanted to send a quick note out to those who subscribe to the Trend Analysis Blog and
get the posts sent directly to their email boxes.

Because you get the information sent directly to you I know that there are few instances that
you visit the blog. So I am asking all the subscribers to make an effort to come to the
actual blog say 3 times a week and more if possible and cast your vote to BlogElites to help
the blog not only move up the rankings, but maintain the ranking.

Also, if you visit the blog everyday, you will be certain to keep up with the positions in the different trading accounts, as these accounts are updated everyday but may not warrant an actual post that is delivered to your inbox.

I sincerely appreciate the effort and efforts being put forward by all of my readers and I am hoping that as the audience grows so does the quality of the blog as ideas are shared.

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