Friday, January 4, 2008

#2 On BlogElites..... Many Thanks!!

Not only did the blog crack the top 5 this week, but it is currently ranked #2 on the list and I must thank all of you who have taken the time to vote and support the blog.

I encourage you to continue the voting on the week-ends as this is when the tabulations really begin to drop off.

Also, if we can get more of the subscription based readers to vote then I have a feeling we can take the #1 spot.

Once again, Thanks from the bottom of my heart and lets keep the momentum building.

I am currently working on the week-end market comment and it will be quite in depth so I do not see it being posted until Saturday night.

I realize that I say it all the time but equities are really at the cross roads and not just on the short and intermediate term time frames but the long term as well.

Stay tuned as things have the potential to get very very interesting here, with some serious volatility continuing in the markets.

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