Tuesday, May 29, 2007

WHI - Still Looking Good

I am posting WHI again as there are certain stocks that just stand out as Long Term Winners.

These stocks could easily be 7-10 Baggers and WHI is one of them.

While I do anticipate some type of intermediate term correction, WHI will be a prime purchase after the decline has run its course.

Put it on you to do list!!

Equity Markets are Very Weak

I just wanted to emphasize once again the intermediate term position of the equity markets.

They continue to be very weak and have gone nowhere since the time model sell signal.

Keep in mind that the longer this market chops around and goes nowhere, the harder the decline will be when it comes about.

I look for the Chinese Stock Market to be the catalyst of our decline.

Remain Defensive!!

Monday, May 28, 2007

White Mountain - Love at First Sight

White Mountain is gathering some steam and a break above $580 should send it sharply higher.

Once again, White Mountain is going to be the next Berkshire Hathaway so get on board!!

Gander Mountain - Resume the Rally

Gander Mountain looks poised to make its run to the $22 area, so if you did not get on board at the $5 area, here is yet another chance.

Equity Markets Continue to Flash Danger

I thought it fitting to post the sentiment once again as equities wave the Caution Flag!

Since the Time Models Sell Signal on May 8th, the market has gone nowhere and is actually down a bit.
There are multiple negative divergences across the board!
The Hedge remains in place and the Time Model Calls for a Low on August 24, so it could prove
to be a difficult and stagnet summer.

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