Monday, December 31, 2007

Equity Market Comment of The Last Day Of 2007

We continue to monitor the triangles forming on the daily chart for the next move of substance.
Today did begin to clarify some of the indecision, but there still remains a fog of sorts.

This is a possible trend construction we currently are in and this scenario is bullish and would call for a strong rally to begin very quickly as in the first trading day of 2008.

I have kept the 30% equity allocation into equities and the long term portfolio remains unhedged. I have also not made any changes to the short term trading portfolio and the 20% in 7 days portfolio.

We will know very soon what the short to intermediate term will offer and adjust our posture as such.

I continue to lean towards the bullish side.

The fact that both legs down were of almost exactly the same in price has added an element of symmetry to equities and does send a hint of what we may expect. In order for this hint to be correct, the market mush begin an immediate rally from here.

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