Thursday, June 21, 2007

Get Ready To Pounce!

Lumber has proven to me that it has reversed its long term trend down and has begun a new uptrend.

The price should continue to pullback short term, but look to buy in the 258-266.5 area.

When Will Crude Finally Break Matt, You Moron!!

I know, I know!

Crude Oil just keeps hanging on in price and seems to refuse to regress back to the mean!

Take heart, as all good things come to an end and the longer crude refuses to answer the call of the underlying fundamentals, then the harder the price will get hit when the wrath is bestowed upon it.

Long term I still look for $35 to$40 Crude.

The Second Collapse in Corn Prices

If you missed the first leg down of the bear market in corn, here is another chance to jump on board for the second leg down.

This move down should be quite dynamic and could offer exponentially better profits than the first!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

While I certainly cannot rule out another test of the lows in IndyMac, the stock is showing some good signs of launching another move higher.

Long Term the stock has put in a major secular low, so any purchases in this area will be paid off extremely well over the next 3-5 years!!

FDG - Lighten The Load

Fording Coal has done very well for us, with a move from $22 to currently $31 or 41% in about 4 months.

It is time to perhaps scale back on the position as it shows signs of weakness and could move down to the $25 area.

If in fact it does move to the $25 area and shows signs of stabilizing, it will be time to get back into the stock. Long Term, FDG continues to have some real promise!!

As of now however I would be quite cautious.

Equities Continue to Tread Water

There still remains little doubt in my mind that the next major move in the equity markets will be down. The hedge we put in place should remain in place.

It is important to remember also that the down move that is on its way will be nothing more than a correction in an ongoing bull market. The long term indicators are still very bullish!!

As this market continues to chop around and go nowhere, the possibility of a mini crash. Look for a correction of at least 10% in the near future.

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