Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Aggressive Equity Account Reaches Milestone

The Aggressive Equity Account reached a milestone today with a total Return On Investment of over 100%! This being done since August 1 2007, which I am also very pleased of.

The account has had 15 winning trades and 11 losers, with one break even.

The reason the account has done so well is in part due to the fact that I pull out all the stops on what I am allowed to do. It is very very aggressive and certainly not for the faint of heart.
No question that the capital that is allocated to this account has to be money that if it evaporated tomorrow it would pose no problems at all.

The account is allowed to:
Buy Long
Sell Short
Average Down Losing Positions
Average Up Winning Positions

It also adheres to a strict 17% stop loss rule. This is on a closing basis only.
This is why you will see some losses more than 17% in the transaction history.
To protect against a run away stock I do employ a 25% intra-day stop rule.

Take a look at it sometime, I think for the aggressive minded it offers some excellent returns.

With all that being said I hope I did not just Jinx Myself! : )

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