Monday, March 17, 2008

China....China......China.... Where Has The Luster Gone

Many of us have been so concerned with the developments in our stock market, that we have begun to overlook some of the opportunities that are beginning to take shape overseas.

Once such opportunity is the Chinese Stock Market, which is going through a major bear market, 40% and counting. If this had been our market, we would be looking at a DOW of 8400.

While there remains a decent amount of risk in Chinese Equities, there is certainly some fairly reliable technical signals that warrant the aggressive investor to begin an allocation process towards the better ETF's that invest in solid Chinese growth.

Currently I am only going to allocate 15% of the monies I have segregated for international investing to the Chinese market, but as we get more confirmation of a major low being put into place in China, this allocation will increase substantially.

It is definitely worth a look and perhaps even an investment.

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