Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Happy Birthday - There is some GREEN in the Aggressive Trading Account

The title is in jest, but in all seriousness even with all the Red that you see in the
account, I have yet to even begin to worry about the positions and with our stop
losses in place we can rest easy at night.

Granted, this is not the way I like to begin an aggressive campaign, but then again this is The Aggressive Equity Trading Account and draw downs come with the territory.

I rather look at these paper losses as an opportunity to average down the positions.

Once again, a very aggressive move, but these strategies are 90% of the reason the account has had such a stellar return since August when I first began to post the account.

So if you are holding some or all of these positions for that matter, make sure you have your stops in place and rest easy with the idea that probability is strongly on your side.

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