Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Housing Stocks - History Repeats Again and Again

The great thing about Wall Street and Equity Markets all over the world is that if you are patient and you do your homework then huge opportunities will come your way.

One of the greatest ways to make money in equities is to find a sector that is being shunned like the plague and look for value. This is especially rewarding when such a huge imbalance of what is real and what has spooked people has a wide spread.

WCI is not the only Housing related stock that offers a tremendous value in this area, but it is one that I like and currently trades at a price that I LOVE!!

This meltdown in Housing, Real Estate and Mortgage Stocks is a great lesson to how at times there are huge imbalances in the markets. If the majority of why this imbalance has occured seems unfounded and overdone then take advantage of it!

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